Resin Bound Paving

Resin Bound is a porous, SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant paving system which encapsulates decorative aggregates to form a smooth, seamless and highly decorative finish.

This contemporary paving system involves mixing our high grade, polyurethane resin binder directly with our stone aggregate blends, in a forced action mixer. Once mixed thoroughly, it is then applied to the substrate and hand-trowelled to a smooth finish, at the intended thickness.


Our Resin Bound system is a permeable paving system that is compliant with SuDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage). The system’s open structure allows the water to drain through and reduces surface water pooling. This assists with storm water control and reduces the problems caused by standing water.

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Hard Wearing

Resin Bound is an extremely durable paving system that will out-perform most paving products and will last for years. It uses a PU resin binder that has a bond strength greater than the cohesive strength of concrete, and when combined with our approved stone mix, achieves excellent strength and flexibility performance, making it suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

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Anti Slip

Our Resin Bound paving provides an excellent anti-slip surface which helps to reduce the risk of accidents. It is the perfect paving for bare feet, due to it's smooth and non-slip finish, which makes it ideal for water parks, theme parks, swimming pool surrounds and gardens.

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With its design flexibility, our seamless Resin Bound system is perfect for creating patterns, shapes and themes to suit your project. We can colour coat the aggregate to virtually any colour for a bespoke design or theme and can even incorporate glow-in-the-dark stones into the system, creating an eco-friendly way of illuminating pathways and roads at night.

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Fast Installs

Resin Bound paving is fast and easy to install, compared to traditonal types of paving materials. The advantage of this application method is that it is seamless, without the time-consuming hassle of unsightly cut pieces. This is also one of the only systems that can be installed on asphalt or concrete (new or existing).

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UV Stable

Our high grade Resin Bound is resistant and colour-stable when exposed to UV. It is based on an aliphatic polyurethane binder, which has longer curing times for ease of application in hot climates, specifically designed for this region. Not only is it UV resistant but it is also chemical resistant to chlorine, oils, petrol and salt, which cause even the most common paving materials to deteriorate.

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Experience our Resin Bound Paving in 360-degrees

Check out one of our latest projects in 360 degrees and get an up-close perspective of an installation using our Resin Bound Paving.

Installation Guide For Resin Bound Surfacing

Take a look at our video guide on the installation of our Resin Bound paving system, for guidance on the basic requirements and details of the installation process.

Product Specification

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