Resin Bonded Paving

Resin Bonded is a hard wearing, anti-skid system used to firmly bond aggregates to a stable substrate. This system creates a coarse, attractive natural stone finish.

This system involves applying our high performance resin directly onto a stable substrate such as asphalt or concrete and then dressing (or scattering) it with our washed and kiln dried decorative aggregate.


This system gives a textured, high friction surfacing which benefits from anti-skid/slip properties, reducing the risk of accidents. The end result is a functional hardscape solution with a desirable natural stone finish, having the appearance of loose gravel without the many maintenance problems.

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Hard Wearing

The system provides a hard wearing anti-skid surface, which is approved for all Type 1 Roads by the BBA. It is high performance, flexible and polyurethane-based for installation onto asphalt and concrete substrates, and is a smart solution for high-friction surfacing on highways.

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Our Resin Bonded System creates an attractive stone appearance using a pre-approved selection of natural aggregates. These neutral finishes complement their surroundings perfectly and can create a striking contrast against lush green plants or sit in harmony against the desert.

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Fast Curing / Application

Our Resin Bonded system is fast curing for minimum disruptions and can be applied as a coating onto asphalt or concrete. Urethanes cure rapidly, allowing earlier opening of sites to traffic. This is a significant advantage when the application is made at night when temperatures are low.

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Experience our Resin Bound Paving in 360-degrees

Check out one of our latest projects in 360 degrees and get an up close perspective of an installation using our Resin Bound paving

Installation Guide For Resin Bonded Surfacing

Take a look at our video guide on the installation of our Resin Bonded paving system, for guidance on the basic requirements and details of the installation process.

Product Specification

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Standard Aggregate Range

Buff Bauxite

Grey Bauxite


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