The Best Solution for a Hot Pool Deck

The Advantages of a Cooler Pool Deck

Choosing the right paving for your pool deck may not just reduce the likelihood of getting your feet burnt but could also help towards a more sustainable future. From our research and experience, most people choose paving based on its appearance, durability and cost. Whilst these are all important features, another element that is often overlooked, is the impact that the sun or heat has and how it may affect the end use. This couldn’t be more relevant in this part of the world with the year-round sun. When new developments are built, we not only change the landscape but the new buildings / structures, increase the surface area and reflects more of the sun’s rays to the ground.

These paving areas, such as pavements, car parks, roads, driveways, garden patios, pool deck etc absorb more heat. When the paving surfaces absorb the heat, they in-turn get hotter which also increases the air temperature. This process is called the Heat Island Effect and is why the temperature in urban built-up areas is considerably hotter than the temperature measured in surrounding rural areas. With the regions hot desert climate it is very important to consider the impact the sun has on the paving around your pool and the environment. On a personal level this may burn your feet or make your patio area temperature hotter to sit out in – even at night. However on a global level this is having a massive effect on the environment.

It’s common knowledge that darker colours absorb heat, whilst lighter colours reflect the heat. For example, Black v White. This is also applicable when choosing paving and is measured by the SRI (solar Reflective Index). The choice of material can also have a significant impact on the overall temperature – concrete, asphalt and different natural stones, will also contribute to the overall heat absorption and increase the temperature. Since the UAE and surrounding region are building for the future, we are able to learn from other countries’ mistakes and address potential issues before it is too late. Being aware of such impact on the environment will allow the UAE to prevent and minimise further damage.

Our Solution: EVABOUND

EVABOUND paving is a great solution for a cooler patio and pool deck. Due to the systems permeability and open structure this type of system can reduce the Heat Island effect. Whilst this system was originally designed for storm-water control and is SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage) compliant in the UK, permeable pavements are emerging as a cool pavements / hardscape solution. The open structure allows air, water, and water vapor into the voids reducing the Heat Island effect.

In addition, when wet, the water soaks into the system and subsequently evaporates and turns the air cool, this is called the Wicking Effect. When dry, whilst the surface temperature may still be hot, the heat transfer between the surface and the sub-surface and the surrounding air is limited which reduces the release of heat at night, which is one of the primary causes of the Heat Island Effect. Due to the systems gloss finish and with our vast range of colour options, the surface absorbs less heat. Whilst the SRI may vary depending on which colour is chosen, our Resin Bound system is far better compared to other forms of paving.

So whilst we understand that your main concern is the temperature of the paving, we hope you agree the sustainable advantages are an excellent incentive as well.

Making Ground designs and develops sustainable flooring systems. These include our paving range, EVABOUND and our artificial grass range, EVAGRASS. After much research and testing, we officially launched in Dubai in 2013 and are looking to service the region from here. We specialize in the development and manufacture of polyurethane products and are proud to be associated with The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade, along with several other certifications and awards such as the, highly regarded, BBA certification. Get in touch with us for all of your flooring needs.