Introducing A New Material: Evaglow

Whether you’re from the landscaping industry and working on a new commercial project, or simply a homeowner looking for a new and exciting design for your exterior, chances are, you have considered a variety of options for your flooring. A number of factors are considered when making a decision about the design of your project and the type of resin flooring you want is no different – such as durability, sustainability, aesthetic impact, price and the like.

Resin Bound paving in particular is a smooth, durable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly material that is less heat-absorbing than other traditional types of paving methods, which comes handy in a hot climate such as the UAE.

Introducing Evaglow By Making Ground

Evaglow is based on Making Ground’s Evabound resin bound paving system combined with the special glow stones that absorb the light during the day and emits a soft glow in the dark. It’s a unique and sustainable paving system that glows in the dark creating a decorative and eco-friendly way of illuminating patios, pathways, and general paving and hardscape areas.

How does Evaglow work? The material used to make Evaglow is capable of:

  • Storing energy by absorbing the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays during the day, and releases that energy at night, producing a soft glow without any power source
  • Providing a soft illumination to pathways and surfaces for better navigation at night
  • Lending a unique colourful aesthetic design to pavement surfaces.

Why choose Evaglow?

  • The system doesn’t require cables or electricity to work, helping you save on energy bills
  • It’s a durable, hard-wearing, homogeneous surface that can withstand tough use while maintaining its decorative value during daytime and night time
  • User-friendly and safe for both pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic.
  • Permeable – because of its porosity, water drains and evaporates instead of pooling, resulting to a cooler temperature surface than any asphalt paving or concrete
  • Anti-slip, making it safe for walking or running on

Available Colours

Evaglow is available in 3 colours:

  • blue
  • green
  • turquoise

The material and colours can be used to create unique designs, shapes and patterns to suit whatever concept you have in mind for a walkway, swimming pool area or driveway.

Environmentally Friendly

No energy use means no carbon emissions; making Evaglow a truly sustainable material that decreases energy use. Light pollution into the sky is lowered, and the need for street lighting is reduced.

Easy Installation

  • Evaglow is non-toxic and cold-applied to a stable substrate.
  • Foot traffic can begin on Evaglow in just two hours after it has been installed, with a full cure of the material taking place in seven days.
  • Evaglow only requires a minimal layer, needs no cutting and is seamless resulting in little, if any, waste
  • It’s resistant to oils and chemicals and is easily maintained; merely sweeping or washing the material from time to time is sufficient for cleaning.

For a practical yet sustainable surface material for any outdoor or indoor paving system, whether for a commercial project or for your home, Evaglow is an innovative paving system that will not only aesthetically enhance your hardscape areas but is also a functional, economical, and safe solution for your indoor flooring and outdoor concrete paving surfaces needs. And the soft glow at night that Evaglow produces will surely make for a great impression to anyone who sees it. Be prepared to show off your flooring!