How to Clean Resin Flooring

Our flooring solutions are constructed using our special resin binders and we’re often asked how to maintain resin flooring and keep it clean. Resin bound paving has the potential to last many years with regular maintenance. Thankfully, caring for your paving is relatively easy and doesn’t require much effort. By following some simple tips, you could add years to the life of your resin flooring.

We’ve created a list of maintenance advice and care instructions, as detailed below:

Keep the surface clear

To ensure its longevity and appearance, it’s important to keep the paving surface clear from dirt, moss and debris – such as leaves and other organic materials. We recommend you sweep the surface regularly, ideally with a stiff broom. Lack of maintenance can lead to weeds. If you do notice any weeds, these should be removed with a gentle weed killer.

Low-pressure washing

If your resin bound paving requires cleaning, you can use occasional low-pressure washing to wash dirt through to the base and away from the surface. Due to our Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUD), you don’t need to worry about puddles forming. You are unlikely to see any moss as there will be little water on the paving,

Aim to keep the water pressure low and the temperature moderate as not to damage the surface. However, it should still be warm enough to remove the dirt from the resin bound paving.

Remove chewing gum or oil quickly

If you notice any chewing gum or oil on your paving, you should take measures to remove these as quickly, to avoid further damage. Chewing gum can be loosened using a freezing spray and once it has hardened, carefully removed with a flat object such as a wallpaper scraper.

Oil and grease will not damage the surface, may leave marks if left for too long. To remove oil, we suggest using warm water and a detergent, such as washing up liquid.

Check for damage

Inspect your resin flooring regularly to check for any foreign objects and damage. By noticing damage early, you can prevent any more problems arising. If you notice any issues, acting quickly could help avoid any costly repairs.

Washing liquid can prevent discolouring

If you’ve noticed a stain or some discoloration, this can often by removed using a gentle washing up liquid and some warm water. We recommend applying the solution with a stiff brush and leaving it for around 10 minutes. Once it has finished soaking, you can then use a low-pressure washer, at a moderate temperature, to remove all traces of the detergent.

Remember, your resin bonded paving will last longer with some regular care and low-level maintenance. If you would like to use us on your next project or have any questions about our sustainable flooring solutions, feel free to contact us by calling +971 (0)1 451 9683 or via email us at