How to Choose Outdoor Playground Flooring

Typically, when we think of outdoor playground flooring, most would imagine the rubberised wet pour flooring we commonly see in community parks. However, over recent years there has been a significant trend towards choosing resin bound flooring over rubber wet pour systems.

There are several project types that require some sort of playground or child-friendly surfaces, such as:

• Playgrounds – with play equipment (with critical falls heights)
• Playgrounds – with floor interests such as hop scotch / snakes ‘n’ ladders / chess / etc. (not critical fall heights).
• Splash pads / parks
• Kids / family pools.
• Theme and Leisure attractions
• Kids clubs and early learning centres.
• Community parks.
• Nurseries and schools

When it comes to child friendly flooring we also need to consider the risk and weigh up the likelihood and the severity of potential slip, trips and falls, etc. Playground flooring plays an important role in keeping children safe and should be considered carefully; with the right flooring solution in place the impact can be lessened.

Here at Making Ground we’ve listed a few considerations in order to help you choose the most suitable outdoor playground flooring for your project

What is rubber wet pour?

This is a rubberised system designed for children’s playground safety flooring to provide a cushion for falls, generally from height such as climbing frames and play equipment. It’s often a two layered system, consisting of an SBR layer and an EPDM top layer, bound together with our Polyurethane Binder.

Our playground flooring or wet pour system as it is commonly known, is installed at various depths, the intended thickness is dictated by what depth of impact absorbing surface is required for the different heights of play equipment. Having thick playground flooring is particularly important in reducing high-impact falls that could result in head injuries.

What is Resin Bound?

Resin Bound is a hardscape paving system, which offers excellent slip resistance, reducing the likelihood of accidents, especially in wet conditions. This system is a single layer paving system, which is a highly decorative and durable solution.

Resin Bound is a porous flooring with a smooth, non-slip finish, making it ideal for playground flooring and water parks. Resin bound flooring is ideal in areas where water pools could occur. Water pools can cause a number of issues, which are hazardous to health and the environment, so it’s recommended to install porous playground flooring for adequate health and safety.


Both systems comprise of two basic elements:

1. The Resin Binder, coupled with
2. Either aggregate stone (resin bound) or rubber flooring (wet pour)

The installation process for resin bound and rubber flooring is very similar. Watch our quick installation video guide to learn more. If you have experience with either systems, the principle is the same for the other.

Design Possibilities

Both resin bound flooring and rubber flooring offer excellent design possibilities and come in virtually any colour, perfect for creating patterns, shapes and themes to suit your project design or theme. The floor can be treated as one big canvas.

Our resin bound flooring can be easily customised to suit any playground style and shape. For the Jumeirah Beach Club Hotel, we installed resin bound flooring for their kids club entrance. We created a blue wave design contrasted with a natural coloured aggregate to create a safe place for kids to run around, reducing the risk of slipping.


Whilst very similar in appearance and application, they both offer different features, so make sure you choose the right system for your project.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right flooring from design, budget, durability and longevity, function and practicality, etc. This is no different when it comes to choosing playground or child friendly surfaces and whilst these are all important, there are a couple of key factors that also need to be considered to weigh up the risk.

Risk = Likelihood x Severity

In order to minimise the risk, you need to reduce the likelihood or the severity.

For example, if you have a kids splash park or swimming pool and are looking for a durable and anti-slip solution that reduces the likelihood of slips, you may want to consider our permeable resin bound flooring that will typically last longer than rubberised systems.

Alternatively, if you have a playground with climbing equipment, then you will need rubber wet pour playground safety flooring to reduce the severity of injuries around climbing frames / structures.

Every project is different and needs to be assessed accordingly, all with unique requirements. You need to make sure you are aware of the options and choose the right surface for your projects / requirements.

If you are interested in discussing outdoor playground flooring or any other type of resin flooring in Dubai, contact Making Ground on +971 (0)4 451 6983 or Our team of experts will be happy to give advice on your next project.