What is the Best Paving for Swimming Pool Decks?


When looking for a flooring solution for swimming pool surrounds or pool decks, it’s important to consider health and safety factors, as well as the decorative appeal. At Making Ground we recommend using Resin Bound paving, a porous and decorative flooring, with a seamless anti-slip finish. Here are our five reasons why resin bound paving is the best choice for swimming pool decks:


1 – Permeability

Resin Bound flooring is a permeable paving solution that is compliant with SuDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage). Resin floorings open structure allows swimming pool water to drain through and reduces surface water pooling. This helps to mitigate the problems caused by stagnant water.

Without proper drainage the water cycle can be impeded when land is altered by development. When rain falls on impermeable surfaces, much more of it turns into surface water runoff, which can cause flooding, pollution and erosion problems.

Research shows that, if we don’t change the way that we design our urban areas and manage surface water runoff more effectively, these problems are going to get worse.

Not only is resin flooring permeable, but the drainage properties of our resin bound flooring have also been tested independently by the British Board of Agreement (BBA), where drainage properties are one of the key factors assessed. The BBA confirmed that “the water will drain through the surface course into the pavement substrate thereby reducing or eliminating surface ponding”.


2 – Anti-slip

Making Ground’s resin flooring system provides an excellent anti-slip surface which reduces the risks of accidents when dry or wet.

The skid and slip resistance has been independently measured and approved. It has been tested with a pendulum tester which is the Health and Safety Executive and UK Slip Resistance Group chosen method for measuring the slip resistance.

It is the perfect paving for bare feet, due to it’s smooth and non-slip finish, which makes it ideal for water parks, theme parks, swimming pool surrounds and gardens.
Read our recent case study on the aesthetic but functional paving Making Ground installed for Jumeirah Beach Hotel.


3 – Heat Island Effect

Due to the systems permeability and open structure, this type of system can help reduce Heat Island effect. Resin bound flooring was originally designed for storm-water control and is SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage) compliant in the UK. However, resin bound pavements are emerging as a potential cool pavements / hardscape solution.

The open structure allows air, water, and water vapor into the voids reducing the Heat Island effect. In addition, even with a non-permeable substrate, when wet the water soaks into the system and subsequently evaporates and turns the air cool, this is called the Wicking Effect. When dry the heat transfer between the surface and the sub-surface and the surrounding air is limited. The benefit of this is that it reduces the release of heat at night, a primary cause of the Heat Island Effect.


4 – Chemical Resistance

Our Resin Bound flooring system uses a high-grade polyurethane binder which individually coats every stone and in turn seals them. Our polyurethane has excellent chemical resistance, including against the likes of chlorine, oils and salts which are often found around pool decks, and all contributes to increasing the longevity and serviceability of your pool deck.


5 – Sustainability

Sustainable flooring is becoming a trend as people become more aware of environmental damage, resin bound flooring is recognised as one of the most sustainable paving systems. It offers far more benefits and design flexibility and has a high life-expectancy, reducing environmental impact and cost.

Furthermore, we are proud to have developed a Resin Bound paving system with the option of offering locally sourced aggregates ‘Arabian Gold’ from the GCC. This material is of natural desert tones/colour, all in keeping with the local environment.

Making Ground’s paving solutions were named as the winner of the 8th GAIA Awards for Sustainability in the ‘Marble, Stone and Ceramic’ category, having gained industry recognition and been trusted for a number of iconic and prestigious projects.

The result of using resin flooring is a smooth, seamless, porous, anti-slip surface. We have a choice of attractive natural or coloured stone finishes, well suited for swimming pool surroundings. View one of our recent case studies where we have installed a stunning resin bound pool decks.

If you are looking for a high quality solution to resin flooring in Dubai, get in touch with Making Ground’s team on +971 (0)4 451 6983 or by email info@making-ground.com