Are Resin Floors Toxic? Rest assured Making Ground’s aggregate flooring solutions laboratory tested.

We are pleased to confirm that both our Resin Bound and Resin Bonded systems are considered as non-hazardous to health and the environment but worryingly, it has been revealed that some playground flooring contains harmful toxins.

More of us are becoming more aware of the importance of eco-friendly solutions and believe in choosing greener options where possible. One of the biggest concerns of resin flooring for many, is whether it is damaging to people or the environment.

Recently there has been general discussion around flooring and the potential toxicity levels of some surfaces. There are many materials and components in the market but not all resin systems are the same. It is important to carefully consider your paving before purchase, and ensure you have confidence in the material.

Are Resin Floors Toxic? | Resin Flooring at Making Ground

So, are resin floors environmentally friendly?

Our resin flooring solutions are constructed using our advanced resin binders. We use the highest quality resins that have been used in binder systems since the mid-1990s. Over that time the systems have demonstrated their quality, durability and sustainability. In addition, the long service life and seamless surface reduce the need for repairs, maintenance and cleaning.

Making Ground was started with the vision of delivering sustainable landscape solutions that offer both form and function. Our Resin Bound & Resin Bonded flooring solutions are eco-friendly and have been assessed as non-hazardous to health and the environment.

The finished system has gained industry recognition and is considered one of the most environmental friendly and sustainable solutions available.

How do you ensure your resin flooring is eco-friendly?

We are proud to say our resin flooring has been manufactured in the UK and has been assessed under National Regulations and EU Legislation.

Each batch produced is individually quality checked by the laboratory before it leaves the factory. The team follow rigorous procedures and as well as operating an ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, are audited externally by the BBA – the UK’s leading Construction Certification Body.

The resin binder components are manufactured using a batch-blending process, of which the BBA has agreed the quality control procedures. From the initial manufacturing, the associated Environmental and Health considerations are controlled during the manufacture of the products.

What makes Making Ground flooring unique?

Making Ground is an award-winning resin floor contractor, which has been recognised for sustainability. Our paving system was shortlisted out of a total of 283 companies for the prestigious Gaia Awards, which recognised an exceptional and unique product that has successfully been integrated into the built environment in the MENA Region.

The Gaia Awards have grown into the industry’s most respected awards, honouring those construction equipment and product companies that have truly integrated the concept of moving towards a more sustainable built environment.

Environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important within the Construction Industry in the Middle East as new building regulations in the MENA region encourage or require that all new buildings meet International Green Building Standards. The Gaia Awards aim to promote a company‘s responsibility to the environment by recognising their achievements and providing a platform for companies to highlight their ‘green’ products and showcase future developments.

Why choose Making Ground?

• We have successfully expanded into the Dubai / UAE region and have a proven track record with many major projects completed.

• Award-Winning paving solutions recognised for Sustainability and eco-friendly attributes.

• Extensive Portfolio with our systems being used on a number of iconic and prestigious projects, from royal residences and municipalities, to top hotels and resorts in the region.

• A range of approved aggregate options that all meet the stringent BBA requirements and are considered the strongest on the market.

• Independently tested and approved by the BBA.

• Developed our Resin Bound and Resin Bonded paving system to incorporate locally sourced aggregates if required.

• High quality products manufactured to stringent standards in the UK that have been used in flooring systems for over 30 years.

• An exclusive range of Stone Binder Systems developed by our research and development team in the UK specifically for the region.

• Strong Industry Knowledge.


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