Why artificial grass is a better solution for Dubai

Why artificial grass is a better solution for Dubai | Making Ground

Ever looked at your neighbour’s garden with pure envy and secretly wished you could also have that spectacularly flawless lawn? What about when deciding on a hotel or resort? Would you opt for one that is dull and lifeless? Or one that is bright and colorful and has green grass all year round? What about your place of work? Surely a beautifully landscaped courtyard or balcony allows for a tranquil and constructive work environment that promotes creativity and diligence? The reality for all of us living in Dubai however, is that the harsh weather conditions does not lend itself to lush plant life. Simply put: growing grass in Dubai is rather futile because one is essentially attempting to grow a garden in the desert! It is a wasted labor. There is a solution though, the only solution, and it is a lot more affordable and accessible than one would think. The answer is artificial grass: Evagrass, by Making Ground.

Aside from the fact that it is almost impossible to grow natural grass in Dubai, it is also a very costly and life-long commitment. Once Evagrass is installed, nothing else is required. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Evagrass is also a wise move from a financial point. You will instantly notice how much your family, business or school is able to save every month due to your reduced water bill as you will not need a sprinkler or irrigation system.

Another reason to love Evagrass is because it is a friend to the environment. Made from recycled materials and due to the fact that it requires no water source to stay green all year round, Evagrass is quite clearly the sustainable choice. Natural grass not only requires plenty of water to flourish, but in the dry and abrasive weather conditions in Dubai, it also requires pesticides and sprays that incur further harm to the environment. Evagrass eliminates the need for these pesticides and other harmful substances, which not only harm the environment, but can also harm your family, students, or work colleagues.


The safety of your family (and pets of course!) is always going to be a number one concern for any Dubai household. The health of one’s employees is always of the utmost importance in just about any working environment. The natural grass found in this region is arid, sandy, usually uneven and full of germs and dirt; but there is no need to risk unnecessary harm or injuries to children and animals with Evagrass. It is perfectly clean and level, can drain waste easily, and most importantly comes fitted with a safety shock pad to soften any tumbles or falls while the kids are having fun in the playground or at home.

It is no secret that the people of Dubai love sport, football in particular. Evagrass is a more than suitable substitute for football, hockey, and rugby fields. An increasing number of sports teams and schools are switching to Evagrass turfs as they are more reliable, weather resistant, safer and of course eco- friendly. There are six different types of artificial grass in the Evagrass range, varying from typical playground or garden grass to pitch-type grass used in most sports. Whether you require artificial lawn at home, at work, for a commercial or landscaping project or on the sports field, there is an Evagrass solution tailored to your needs.

And it is not only the artificial grass that is so alluring, Making Ground has two more products proving to be just as popular. Evabound is a new sustainable paving system that is ideal for driveways, pathways, balconies and also makes for a great swimming pool surrounding. What is best about Evabound is its non-slip qualities, making it a necessity particularly with public pools such as the ones found at hotels, spas and schools.

Evaglow is the latest product from Making Ground. It is based on the concept of Evabound, but goes one step further: it glows in the dark! It is the latest innovation in sustainable, eco-friendly paving that lights up any path, driveway or patio all night long. The resin bound paving system, combined with the unique glow stones absorb the sun’s UV rays during the day and produce a soft glow that will last all night. You couldn’t get more sustainable than that.

Consider making the switch from natural to Evagrass synthetic grass if you are tired of all the hard work and money that goes into keeping regular grass alive (never mind looking half-decent!). All these products are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, they are far more financially viable than alternative options, and possibly the most important reason of all: they are sustainable. Bid farewell to those feelings of green envy toward your rival company’s beautiful amenities, or your neighbor’s perfect glow in the dark swimming pool. It’s probably Evagrass anyway.

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