EVAGRASS is our own range of synthetic grass, designed for many different applications, from residential gardens to commercial urban developments.

Our talented team has once again used their expertise and knowledge to develop an artificial grass range, which has been designed to suit the local environment and Withstand the Middle East region’s extreme temperatures and UV rays.

The EVAGRASS range uses a combination of materials from the UK and the GCC in order to bring you the very best quality products that are not only readily available but meet our sustainability targets.

We offer a variety of
options that are
reminiscent of natural lush
landscapes but with far
more benefits.


  • Hassle free – low maintenance.
  • No water – save money on costly water bills or irrigation systems.
  • Instant green lawn – stays green all year round.
  • Suitable for all environments – not subject to weather conditions as is natural grass.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Safety shock pad.
  • Child & Pet friendly